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Филателистическое биенналле "РОССИКА_2022"  пройдет в  Санкт-Петербурге, - Центральный музей связи имени А.С. Попова. 7-14 октября 2022 г., в том числе для иностранных участников с 7 по 11 октября 2022 г.
Для участия в выставке экспонент может подать заявку - скачать форму заявки


7-11 October, 2022
A.S. Popov-Museum at Sankt-Petersburg
Entry Number Frame Numbers Number of Frames allotted Remarks
Application Form
1. Fill in a separate form for each exhibit.
2. Please type or print.
3. Completed form must be sent to:
The Commissioner General, ROSSICA – 2022
Andrey Strygin by e-mail:
before 01.07.2022
Mr. Mrs. Miss. Surname (family name) First Name
Address Postcode
Telephone: Fax: e-mail:
Membership of a Philatelic Academy (please, specify)
Title of the exhibit
Short Description of the Exhibit
Exhibit class (in according to GREX) Number of Frames requested
Past Awards at FIP or Continental
Exhibitions recognized by FIP
Exhibition Name (s) LG G LV V
I, the undersigned, declare to have taken knowledge of and I agree to the special regulations of the
ROSSICA – 2022.
Place, date and signature:________________________________________________________________
ROSSICA - 2022


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